Survey Services

Keep Your Member Data Accurate

Our survey solutions make it easy for you to maintain up-to-date data on your member population. Keeping this information current allows you to process claims quickly and accurately, identify dual coverage and maintain compliance with federal guidelines. Let us shoulder the load and keep your subscribers’ information accurate and verified.

Why this solution?

Resource Management

We’ll take on the resource-intensive process of data verification and free up your team to focus on other priorities.

Improved Provider and Member Relations

Increased satisfaction yields a competitive advantage.

Proactive Accuracy

Correct information leads to improved claims-payment quality. It can also lead to recovery on claims that have already been overpaid.

Ease of Use

We can quickly implement and customize our survey services to your unique plan, group or system needs.

  • Social Security Number Capture
  • Employer Group Size Verification

Social Security Number Capture

Social Security Number Capture

Stay focused and ensure compliance

The Affordable Care Act requires you to report the SSNs of members who carry the minimal  essential coverage. We’ll collect the necessary information by surveying your members and retain all documentation in case of an IRS audit. This service will keep you Affordable Care Act-compliant without distracting your team from your primary focus of fast, accurate claims payment.

Employer Group Size Verification

Employer Group Size Verification

Know where you stand with Medicare

This service will help you maintain compliance with Medicare Secondary Payer regulations. Our information-gathering and verification will ensure you know if your coverage should pay primary or secondary to Medicare, and help you avoid fines from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.