Your First Choice in Subrogation

We help your team identify when other sources of coverage might be liable for claim payments. We’ve custom-built our software to identify thousands of diagnosis and procedure codes that have the highest likelihood to be “accident”-related with the greatest probability of recovery. Our specialists then investigate the situation surrounding the claim to determine if a recovery is necessary. Our firm but fair negotiation maximizes dollars recovered while minimizing member abrasion. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive subrogation solution or a partner to augment your internal process, we’ve got you covered.

Why this solution?

Knowledgeable Representation

We’ll negotiate and advocate on your behalf to secure the best possible recovery.

Custom Experience

We will customize your subrogation program to be flexible and scalable, delivering an end-to-end solution or seamless augmentation to your team.

Increased Returns

Our analytical model transforms traditional views of subrogation and yields industry-leading return on your investment.

Collaborative Account Management

We are highly motivated by customer satisfaction and frequently advise you regarding the performance of your subrogation portfolio.

  • Identification
  • Investigation
  • Recovery



Uncover hidden opportunity

We apply sophisticated analytics to client data to identify potential third-party liability claims. We’ve developed a proprietary subrogation identification scoring model based on association analysis of our clients’ claims data. This predictive model identifies combinations of diagnosis and procedure codes that have the highest likelihood to be “accident”-related with the greatest probability of recovery.

We identify all potential sources of recovery including:

  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Product liability
  • Premises liability
  • Homeowner’s liability
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Mass tort litigation
  • Medical malpractice and negligence
  • Incidents caused by medical devices and implants, pharmaceuticals, toxic exposures and other faulty consumer-related products



Thorough and comprehensive

Focusing on active engagement, we’ll use multiple response channels to make sure we investigate and verify all potential third-party liability claims. We start with trained subrogation specialists and arm them with new engagement techniques and technologies to educate your members and answer their questions. Our member outreach and response often leads to response rates above 85% — well beyond the industry average. If outreach isn’t successful, our investigative process puts an exhaustive list of resources to work for you. From databases to court records, we leave no stone unturned to identify an instance of third-party liability.

Investigative tools include:

  • Member outreach
  • Property and casualty database search
  • Federal and state court records
  • Skiptracing
  • Social media
  • Online legal research services



Leverage our expertise to maximize your recoveries

Skilled recovery specialists maintain a current status on all accounts, put appropriate parties on notice, provide up-to-date itemized balances for payment, and utilize their vast knowledge of state and federal laws regarding subrogation to act as an advocate for our clients in securing the best possible recovery. Our legal team is engaged in all aspects of the subrogation solution, collaborating with the recovery team and clients regarding complex legal matters to protect the interest of our clients.

  • Firm yet fair philosophy balances interests
  • Consistent process ensures compliance
  • Double-digit recovery growth
  • Industry-leading savings