Overpayment Recovery

We Recover Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Every Year

Our approach to overpayment recovery combines personal provider relationships with analytical models to maximize your return. Our expert recovery specialists put their industry knowledge and experience to work for you, delivering a successful refund while protecting your company’s professional reputation.

More than three decades of healthcare market knowledge and experience with the root causes of overpayments drive the strategy behind our recovery process and communications. Many hospital and physician billing offices are short-staffed, and responding to refund requests is a low priority. Our processes are designed to maximize recoveries through many flexible treatment and communication options for providers.

Our recovery system scores overpaid claims and applies specific treatment based upon a number of factors including overpayment reason code, dollar amount, provider refund history and recovery process preferences. This allows us to apply the right action at the right time to drive the most effective results.

Our flexible solution allows us to insert our recovery expertise at various places in your recovery process timeline. Turning recovery efforts over to us as soon as the opportunity is identified has numerous benefits and allows you to right-size your staffing, increase recoverability and improve the provider experience. We also have tremendous experience and success recovering overpayments when your own team is unable to obtain the refund.

Our best partnerships start with your goals in mind — recapturing overpaid claims dollars, maintaining provider relations, reducing your costs and returning root-cause knowledge upstream to improve the payment process. As your trusted partner, we will leverage our knowledge, systems and resources to maximize your returns while minimizing your level of involvement.

Why this solution?

Fast Results

We implement the most efficient tactics to minimize claim recovery time.

Provider Preference Maintains Relations

We’ve built long-lasting relationships with many of the nation’s largest providers.

Inventory Optimization Maximizes Recoveries

Our modeling system optimizes the workflow management of claims based on age, dollar amount and recoverability.

Transparent Partnership

Our system stores all activities on your claims for complete quality assurance of recovery history. Detailed performance reports provide you with up-to-date results.