About Accent

Creating the Category

In 1986, we began offering claims overpayment recovery services —  virtually creating the healthcare cost-containment industry. Over the last 30 years, we’ve developed and in many cases originated the processes that now define claims payment accuracy and cost containment.

The Accent Difference


We start by listening to your needs so we can engineer our flexible programs to provide you the best overall results. Our expertise with claims payment integrity identifies where opportunities exist for optimized cost containment. We then consult with you to provide custom, easy-to-use solutions that maximize results.


We put expert teams in place to constantly evolve with a dynamic healthcare market. Our advanced analytics provide predictive and prescriptive modeling. This gives us insights into the data that can impact decision-making and business optimization for your claims payment processes.


Quality Assured

You get peace of mind thanks to technology-driven identification and expert validation. This extra step ensures proper confirmation of overpayments identified while protecting your valuable provider relationships. We’ll provide full claims documentation and detailed reports, so your team knows everything that we do.

Redefining the Future

Renowned for our dedication to claims payment integrity, we continue to redefine the industry’s solutions. We are committed to helping keep healthcare affordable and are devoted to solving your administrative and claims payment accuracy needs. Partner with us and experience the most innovative approaches to transforming healthcare cost containment.

Who We Serve

Our solutions work for a broad spectrum of organizations in the healthcare industry. We’ll gladly work with you to tailor a custom-fit payment accuracy and cost-containment program.


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