Improve Quality
and Contain Costs

We provide cost-containment solutions that improve claims payment
accuracy and seek mispayment recovery to improve your bottom line.
Our data-driven services combine leading-edge technology with a personal
touch to keep healthcare affordable. Our sole focus and commitment is to
improve claims quality and minimize leakage.

Experienced and Effective

About Us

With more than three decades of experience in claims payment integrity, we know how to get the job done. In fact, our industry-leading solutions don’t just recover mispaid claims quickly — they stop mispayments before they even happen.

About Us

Our Services & Solutions

The healthcare industry changes fast. Methods that contain costs one day might become outdated overnight. That’s why we constantly monitor the market to offer forward-thinking solutions that are easy to implement and drive results that actually improve provider and member relations. We are always working to transform the model and redefine the industry’s expectations of results, ease of use and collaboration.


Prospective Claims Accuracy

PreVent is a proactive, post-adjudication auditing solution that identifies and corrects claim payment inaccuracies before payments are remitted.


Retrospective Claims Accuracy

Powered by more than three decades of experience, our proprietary data-mining service identifies claim inaccuracies after a payment is made.


Overpayment Recovery

A mix between positive relationships and efficient technical modeling makes our recovery approach relentlessly effective.



Proprietary software and expert analysis helps our team quickly identify and seek reimbursement from all sources that may be liable for claims you have paid.


Coordination of Benefits

Discovering other insurance and determining your payment liability is complicated and constantly changing. We make it easier for your team.


Survey Services

We’ll reach out to your members and groups to validate important information that leads to accurate claims payment and compliance with federal guidelines.


Did You Receive a Letter?

We work with employers and health insurance companies to help keep health benefits affordable. If you received a letter from us, we would like to verify some information. Your health plan requires your cooperation in this research.

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